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Internet Money Making Guide

1makingmoneyguides150x150.6.jpgWith the economy the way it is, most people think that making an extra income is impossible. But with the internet growing more and more popular each year, making an extra income can come as easy as 1-2 hours a week. I will discuss a couple of different ways to make money.
Making money on the internet is actually pretty easy, but you have to learn how. Below are three different ways that you can make an extra income.

Buy and Sell Domain Names – Domain names are the www addresses that you type into your browser bar. They can end in .com, .net, .us, etc. If you happen to purchase a domain name that is in high demand for around $5-$10, you could potentially sell that domain name to someone else for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Become a Freelancer – If you have a certain trait that you excel in, you could cash in with it.
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